Climateon's core values

Climateon is a new kind of company - a Public Benefit Corporation. This means that we create a benefit to the public in addition to maximizing value for our shareholders. Our mission as a Public Benefit Corporation is to protect the environment for future generations by creating innovative products and services which will significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Climateon's company charter is based on certain core values - we will:

  • Benefit the public
  • Create safe products
  • Pay what we owe in taxes
  • Protect data and privacy
  • Respect all people
  • Be part of our community
  • Be stewards of our environment
  • Act accountably
  • Value intellectual property
  • Not do business with companies engaged in bribery, corruption or worker abuse

More detail about the core values from Climateon's public benefit charter can be found in the sections below.

We benefit the public

Climateon was founded to create a public benefit while also achieving it’s financial goals. Our public benefit will be measured on our annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (metric tons of CO2 equivalent).

We create safe products

We don’t want harm to come to people from using while our products. All of our products and services will come with a written consumer warranty or client protection policy. If safety issues are found with any of our product lines, we will recall them as quickly as possible.

We pay what we owe in taxes

We believe that paying our fair share of taxes is the correct thing to do so that the people in our communities can have strong educational institutions, transportation infrastructure and public safety services. We will not use accounting methods or corporate structures such as shells designed to avoid paying local, state or United States federal or international taxes.

We protect data and privacy

The trust of our customers is incredibly important to us. We will not sell or give away personal information for marketing purposes. We will take all reasonable measures to protect customer’s data.

We respect all people

Our team members are are our most important asset. Our passion drives the company to achieve great things so, together, we can prevent global warming as much as possible. Everyone should have a good work-life balance and be able to work at a rate which can be sustained indefinitely. Everyone will be paid well, given equity, and rewarded for excellent performance. We will grow intelligently and rapidly so that everyone has opportunities to take on new responsibilities and grow their skills.

We are part of our community

People are at the center of what we do. We want to help protect them from the impacts of global warming as much as possible. We take time to understand people and communities when doing our work. We are active in and engaged with the communities we live and work in.

We are stewards of the environment

The planet is at serious risk of having a mass extinction. Climateon will be a leader in ensuring the environmental sustainability of it’s operations through cradle-to-cradle considerations. We will minimize our use of fossil fuels while doing our work.

We are accountable

We will always be open to feedback, questions and complaints from our customers and stakeholders. We will be forthcoming if we have made mistakes.

We value intellectual property

We welcome anyone who would like to license our intellectual property for GHG reduction purposes. We respect the intellectual property of others and will not use unlicensed intellectual property when we do business. We will vigorously pursue violations of our intellectual property rights. We will publish frequently with a focus on impact acceleration. All of our company publications, including internal work products suitable for sharing, will be open as part of the Creative Commons.

We do not work with companies engaged in bribery, corruption or worker abuse

We only do business on a level playing field - one where the rule of law and human rights are respected. We will not pay bribes or support corrupt activities. We will not do business with any companies which engage in bribery or corruption, abuse workers human rights, or which use child labor.