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Climateon comfort control phone app

Comfort control.

Customize your heating.

Why shouldn't your office chair be as easy to control as a heated car seat? Now it can be, thanks to our smartphone app. The app puts you in control of power, scheduling and temperature. Tailor the settings to meet your unique comfort needs - and never be cold at work again.

Climateon Heated Clothing Features
Use your smartphone and our app to control your comfort

Whole body warmth.

You're in control of your comfort.

Climateon's patent-pending heated hoodies and seat heaters let you customize your comfort using our smartphone app. The app lets you set the temperature, choose where your body is heated and save settings for later.

Guaranteed warmth.

60-day no-hassle returns and a
3-year limited warranty.

Climateon’s products are designed to deliver whole-body comfort to people who are always cold. If you're not completely satisfied, return your purchase within 60 days for a full refund - no questions asked. And you'll always be protected by our 3-year product guarantee.

Climateon's 6-hour power bank from mi.

Sophisticated power.

Premium batteries for hours of comfort.

We only use state-of-the-art batteries in our heated hoodies' power banks. The standard battery will last for about three hours. Options include a light, slim power bank that will run for 6 hours (above), or a larger one that will last for 12 hours. And you can always use any nearby outlet or USB port as a power source for your hoodie.

Works indoors and out.

Heated clothing that's in sync with you.

Other companies' heated clothing is only meant to be used outdoors. Our clothes are specifically designed to make sure you’re warm indoors or outside. So you can wear them in the office or on the trails and be comfortable the whole time.

Climateon's Heated Clothing Works Inside Or Out
Ferns photo - Climateon cares about environmental sustainability

Do your part for the environment.

Cleaner comfort is finally here.

Like most people who are always cold indoors, you’re probably using an electric space heater. Our unique comfort solutions let you turn off your heater so you can reduce your environmental footprint.

Climateon Heated Clothing Testimonials


“This idea for personalized heating/cooling is a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to help the planet, have control of your own heating/cooling wherever you are, AND save money?!?!”

- Diane B.

“Why pump energy into fabricating and powering HVAC systems when we can simply address an individual’s need where it is needed most, at the surface of their skin?”

- James P.

"Combatting global warming, quite literally, at the personal level is not only energy efficient, it places the responsibility and commitment to care for our environment on the backs of every one of us to do something about it."

- Rebecca T.